Taurus Full Moon Nov 21

by Karen Piscitelli   moonlitserenity.com                  

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  • Sydney – 22nd November at 4.27am
  • London – 21st November at 5.27pm
  • LA – 21st November at 9.27am

Tired souls face this Full Moon at 29 degrees Taurus, tired souls fatigued from an abundance of pressure pushing hard to find healing and change. Reality can be a tough pill to swallow this cycle, with quite a divided energy of mixed messages being the focus of this spotlight. On one side stands your ambitions of living the passionate dream regardless of the consequences – whilst on the other, the stresses regards your present intentions grows, based on materialistic comfort and improvement of self within the collective.

Venus at 27 degrees Libra forms an applying quincunx to the Taurus Moon, raising the levels of discomfort around relationship imbalances. Where you are giving too freely, or taking too heavily, tension abounds and confrontation is likely. Relationships, either work or pleasure, face a difficult few weeks, as souls endeavour to bring balance to the levels of justice and fairness in the life areas where there is a high level of emotional and material attachment. With Venus in quincunx to Uranus heightening the irritation felt in the intimate and broader collective environment, the desire is strong for reinvention. Lowering expectations is one approach to relieving stress, thanks to trine aspects between Venus and Neptune/Chiron, but it is difficult to isolate what is realistic acceptance of overly high expectations or denial of achievability due to confidence issues.

Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius form a conjunction, ensuring that conversations are forceful and straight to the point. Only a fool would leap into communications that are based on ‘untruths’ as such a strong emphasis on legalities and fairness, ensures that there is a zero tolerance policy for abusive or dishonest behaviour. Feeling empowered by your own authority though, does sharpen the edge of your self-righteous sword, with your words easily cutting an innocent party to shreds. Be aware of where you direct your frustrations and also appreciate how prone to over-reaction these skies can be.

Mars is also joined by a square to the Pisces ruled Black Moon Lilith. Righteousness and rectification of respectful boundaries are very much the theme with this aspect. Challenges stem from friction found whilst delving through the complexities of present personal concerns, trying to find healthy and balanced solutions, whilst dealing with others airing their issues. When the heat in the kitchen reaches a boiling point, find your quiet, happy place – retreat and regain your calm before pursuing the point. Nothing will be solved by confrontation, nothing, no one is listening. But permanent solutions can be found when problems and uncomfortable interactions are handled with calculated and intellectual calm.

Saturn square Ceres continues to poke and prod at your present ambitions and project seeds, pointing at the flaws in the process, encouraging you to reassess and reorganise in certain areas. This square is a firm and realistic reminder that regards your goals, you simply will not achieve the complete visual that you have now, and that compromise in certain areas must be made. Other areas of interest include your present attitude towards authority, your role as subordinate or dictator, and just how well you are rising to/ or handling your overall responsibilities.

Neptune and Chiron are now both direct and still conjunct, working together as a tag team of hurt and heal, confusion and clarity, loss and gain. It is a present reality that as soon as one pain-filled door closes, another soon opens, as wounds past and present make the most of the sensitive and compassionate energy flow. As tough as it feels, it is an aspect pocket that you will reflect upon as one of high soul growth, as you wade through the past, gather the lessons, and solve the complexities of present confidence issues.

Pluto and the North Node in conjunction tear down the structures and boundaries that have been built up over time regards familial and career concerns. Where your negative self-opinion has kept you in the shadows, memories and karmic events transpire in an effort to rip that opinion apart. Where authority types or traditional considerations have blocked your progress, again, this conjunction will implode those hurdles. However, temptation is rife with this conjunction, for drama and clinging to dependencies, with many decisions being made based on fears, insecurities and negative ego satisfaction. You can turn your entire life around in another direction, simply to gain attention and recognition. It will take strength and will-power to get this right, plus a healthy appreciation of your own pitfalls, ego expression and attention seeking capabilities.

Whilst the Taurus Full Moon experiences no conjunctions this cycle, she is feeling the ‘dramatic’ heat of numerous asteroid oppositions. Asteroid 271 Penthesilea, the Amazon Queen who lost her life in battle with Achilles during the Trojan War, sits in conjunction with the 29 degrees Sun. It is stated that Penthesilea shot her sister by accident whilst hunting and riddled with grief, longed to die. Being an Amazon though, her death had to be brave and she chose to partake in the war with the Trojans. Achilles was quite taken with the Amazon beauty and despite slaying her in battle, he ensured that she was treated with respect and given a proper burial. Here, you are being encouraged to forgive your mistakes, and are reminded that guilt regards past mishaps; especially accidental occurrences can consume you, resulting in a heavy negative outcome.

Asteroid 1170 Siva also sits conjunct the 29 degree Scorpio Sun. In Hindu religion, Siva means ‘auspicious one’ and is symbolic for kindness and graciousness. In some practices, Siva is viewed as western astrologer’s view Pluto, being energy that destructs and regenerates, with Siva tearing down the decay to rebuild the beauty. Asteroid 73 Klytia also joins this solar conjunction, heightening feelings of jealousy and disappointment where you feel you have been ‘ripped off’ by others. Desires for revenge are strong with the Scorpio rulership of Klytia, even more so with the 29 degree intensity behind the influence. It is so important to be honest regards your feelings and to remove any cloud of illusion you may have regards your sense of entitlement. Keep it real and keep it legal.

Affecting the ruler of the Full Moon, we find asteroid 899 Jokaste in conjunction with Venus. Caught up in a ‘punishment of the Gods’ involving her husband King Laius and her son Oedipus, Jokaste unwittingly marries and has children with her own son. On discovering the incestuous details of this tragedy, Jokaste then hangs herself. This retrograde journey of Venus through Libra and Scorpio has highlighted the hidden deception and negative behaviour that has been out of your control, and not your fault, within your relationships. Now, you are midst process of deciding what to do about it.

Balancing the needs of self against the degradation and decay of what self has created over time, or feels trapped within, is the reality of this cycle. Accepting and healing where authority types have abused their position and clouded your decisions is part of it, as is accepting and healing where you have been the manipulator in certain negative life events. It is important to be honest with self and forgiving where your life decisions have taken you outside of your early hopes and dreams. It’s time to dust off after long battles and accept where you connect into drama by acting out your frustrations rather than dealing with their route cause. It is time to be realistic about the activities and relationships that you take on as a means to fulfil your need for attention. It’s time to rebuild with your inner beauty and find a more peaceful, natural way of finding love and materialistic comfort, rather than leaving yourself open to deception and a continuation of these dramatic and down-trodden themes.